(Kinda) New Beginnings 

Almost exactly one year ago, my husband and I packed up our little life in Brooklyn and moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia! Leaving behind all my “kids” that I’ve cared for over the years was definitely not easy. (Especially Little A, who ended up moving out to Northern California around the same time we moved.)  I feel fortunate to have formed so many friendships with other nannies, parents, and teachers. They were  undoubtably a necessary support system for me over my 5 years in NYC, which is so important when working as a nanny. The reality of nannying is that it can be lonely at times. Especially since your only “co-workers” are usually under the age of 10. While I miss Brooklyn it’s been fun starting over in a new city. For the last 9 mths I’ve been caring for a sweet (now) 14mth old, Baby F. Reexperiencing the joys (and challenges) that come with caring for an infant has been amazing and being able to encourage and witness all of her developmental milestones has reminded me why I got into childcare in the first place! Now that I’ve finally found my groove you can definitely count on me posting more regularly…

So cheers to babies, philly, and (kinda) new beginnings! 



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