Virtual Story Time with Ms. Ashley! 3/23

Thanks for joining me! Here is where you can find some craft ideas inspired by today’s books! The crafts are simple, keeping in mind some may not have a lot of crafts supplies during this time. Don’t have the exact materials I used? No problem! Get creative! 🙂

First up…Bear Says Thanks! We made this adorable little bear puppet! Make more than one and put on a puppet show. Don’t have a popsicle stick? Use a spoon! Very easy and fun with the help of a grown up!

Another craft idea is based off of the book Home. This is great for older kids, but can also be done with little ones. Ask older kids to drawn their home and ask the little ones to explain what their home looks like while you, the grownup, draws what they describe. Ask them do they live in a house or an apartment? Ask them the shape, color, of their home. Are there any trees or flowers out front?

We also spoke about rainbows and I encourage you and your little ones to create a rainbow to hang in your window! Families all over are putting rainbows in their windows to help spread some cheerfulness and hope during this uncertain time. If you make one I’d love to see it!

I hope you enjoy!


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